In a world where improved convenience & efficiency is demanded The MICRO II plus [model: cm290plus] is a unique product which serves a valuable need that has been a problem to microwave users for decades.

How do you use the space in your microwave oven effectively so that more than one meal can be heated at once easily, safely & without mess?

Although the Microwave oven has long been established as an essential kitchen device the age-old headache of having to wait to cook your second meal whilst the first is being heated has always been a problem, but now there is a unique solution!

Designed for everyday use -Zennivå2’s patented MICRO II Plus allows you to cook 2 plated meals at once, easily & safely, at the same time as keeping the inside of your Microwave oven clean.

The unique MICRO II plus is essentially a double level, fully enclosed, microwave Insert -that allows you to further enhance your microwave cooking effectively.

Constructed so that it easily fits inside most microwave ovens old & new, The MICRO II Plus sits on your microwave’s turn-table allowing it to revolve as the plated food inside cooks.

Can also be used as...

  • Stacked plate warmer
  • Space-saving, Double Level Fridgeware
  • Double Level Tableware or on a work top



  • Cooks 2 Meals at Once -Quickly, safely & conveniently
  • Retains heat inside the fully enclosed unit
  • Keeps your Microwave clean - Contains splatter & spillages
  • Easy to load & unload - Specially hinged shelf assembly
  • Fits Microwaves Ovens old & new
  • Designed for everyday use - suitable for both single / double plated meals, ready-made meals, cups & mugs
  • Easy to clean




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